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Star-Lord is given a chance to resurrect Gamora. An avatar of the soul stone tells Star-Lord he must defeat an unknown number of opponents in exchange for her life.

Star-Lord arms himself with his helmet & rocket boots, aero-rig, quad blasters, magnet mine, plasma sphere, electric grenade, energy bola & electric bola. He will not get new gear or refills, he must clear the gauntlet with what he has.


  • MCU canon feats apply
  • Standard gear
  • Morals off
  • No prep or prior knowledge
  • No rest or healing
  • Win by death or KO


Star-Lord starts on red, enemy on blue. Assume all structures are indestructible
Star-Lord starts on red, enemy on blue. Assume all structures are indestructible

1. Wasp

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2. Falcon

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3. White Wolf

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4. Black Panther

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5. Spider-Man

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6. Scarlet Witch (no telepathy)

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No one 1-4 has any way to seriously threaten such a mobile and versatile opponent, and Starlord's firepower is more than sufficient to drop even a suited Panther. He already defeated 5 without particular difficulty.

Scarlet Witch fodderises him though.

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I think he clears.

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Stops at 6 or clears. 3, 4, and 5 all have chances but they’re not doing anything to Star Lord while he’s Gamora-lusted.

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6 is the only real opponent.

Panther is a joke, he’s weak to electric attacks, so half of peter’s gear...

Spider-Man already was in a fight with quil, he was turned into quil’s hostage quite fast.

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@webinyoureye11: Falcon is definitely above Bucky and this point. As is Wasp IMO.

OT: Stops at 6.

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Stops at 6 although Scarlet is straight up garbage when she isn't enraged or emotional.

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Could stop at 1. Definitely stops at 2. Clears 3-5 and gets stomped at 6.

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Clears. Wanda is a trash-tier fighter.

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Not seeing how he gets past Wasp tbh. Sam is also some insane trouble. Gear would allow him to get past Buck but Panther is a different story.

Tbh he stops either at 1, 2, or a hard stop at 5. Spidey had little room to maneuver around in his fight with Mr. Lord. By this point in time he'll also likely have used a lot of his gear, and since he gets no refills, it becomes even easier.

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He stops at 6.

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Falcon shoots him.

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Stops at one. Starlord thinks it'll end in sex.... except Wasp flies up his penis and expands.

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