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Poll: MCU Spiderman vs MCU Iron Man: Arm Westle (15 votes)

Spiderman 40%
Iron Man 60%

Comparison 1: Bucky to Iron-Man

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Comparison 2: Spider-Man to Iron-Man

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Is Spider-Man stronger than Iron-Man?

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#1 Posted by Subline (8695 posts) - - Show Bio

The Civil War suit sucked so idk.

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#2 Posted by Polychromatic (19 posts) - - Show Bio

Civil War suit was bad.

Tony's metal tower feat in IW means he rips Peter's arm off

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#3 Posted by darthvaderrocks (1737 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah after watching that Bucky vs Iron Man gif his Civil War suit sucked. Spider-Man honestly wins. He'd get his arm broken against his IW suit tho

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#4 Posted by camilopezo (2082 posts) - - Show Bio

wasn't Bucky Holding Back with Peter?

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#5 Posted by Rebake (4561 posts) - - Show Bio

@camilopezo: I'd say so, but the amount is in question. Bucky in Civil War was holding back unless mind controlled.

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#6 Posted by CamNewtonisdad (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Any suit post Ironman 1 except civil war Ironman wins

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The suit Tony specifically chose to apprehend his teammates while "his plan was to go easy on them" isn't so special so there's a good chance Spider-Man is stronger than this.

Everyone who used specialised tech was holding back significantly in the Airport for a reason. You can see it both with high tiers like War Machine and Iron Man himself and lower tiers like Widow and Hawkeye. People who still argue that Tony's suit was no beneath most of the Iron Legion are plain incorrect at this point.