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  • Peter Parker gets the Iron Spider Suit.
  • Ghost gets her Regular Gear.
  • Both Combatants are In Character.
  • Both Combatants have Standard Knowledge of their Opponent's Powersets.
  • No Prep.



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I'd back Ghost - Far more compotent with her abilities and shes got sufficient striking to put him down. Also far better trained she was SHIELD's top assassin.

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@asphaltairborne: He's in the Iron-Spider suit that took hits from Thanos. She doesn't have the striking to put him down.

OT: Probably stalemate unless Peter gets real lucky if/when? Ghost comes out of phase.

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Ghost can win if she materializes her fist inside of Peter's body or something. She can accomplish that if she utilizes her invisibility and intangibility in tandem. Otherwise, Spider-Man should beat her. His physicality would be overwhelming in a striaght up battle.

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Doesn't Ghost have no firm control over her phasing?

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Spider-Man stomps. Scott and Hope were fast/skilled enough to tag her while unphased several times. Spider-Man is much faster. He also has things she wouldn't expect like taser-webs.

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@flashfyr: That was when she first got her powers, she learned to control them over time.

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