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Poll: MCU: Ronin vs Daredevil(S2/Defenders) (28 votes)

Ronin 29%
Daredevil 71%
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This Ronin is nearly featless

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There needs to be a few more Ronins here for this to be fair. Matt fodderizes.

Another flawless victory for MCU.

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It sad that we never actually got to see Ronin do his thing besides fighting that one Yakuza guy and slicing his way through the 3rd act war.

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Matt should take this easily.

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If we assume that he's as good with a sword as he is with a staff, he would body Matt, otherwise, Daredevil.

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Matt smacks him.

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Matt handily

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Daredevil. Assumptions or otherwise.

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Honestly I'd go for Clint here, my views on MCU DD have really gone down. Clint with his Ronin gear is too much of a beast.

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Ronin is a jobber and is little better than a random Hand fodder. Matt easily beats him.

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Ronin. The guy kept up with the Black goddamn Panther. The Fingers of the Hand, Elektra and Nobu, Matt's greatest enemies, are chumps next to the King of Wakanda. T'Challa without the herb is supposed to be one of the best fighters in the world, Matt is probably closer to that level.

You could make an argument for Ronin without using that feat, but that's the easy one-shot.

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Matthew, decisively.

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Not really sure there's any particularly strong argument to be made for Clint, beyond explosive arrows. In cqc, Clint seems to be pretty good, but Matt's better across the board, and at range Matt's fast enough to dodge arrows and close the gap

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Daredevil stomps.

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Hawkeye stomps.

Hillarious how people think Daredevil of all people can beat him. The guy has just met his match, a better more skilled Bullseye who is going to put a shuriken into his throat.

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Daredevil could already repeatedly out-hit a superior Swordsman (Black Sky) while he was Unarmed, he can do the same here only difference is that the hits will affect Clint much more than they did Elektra.

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lmao did we really just bring up arrows and Clint's gear? He's 3 tiers above Matt with gear.

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Matt stomps