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with season 2 feats can he finally beat Rama?

anything goes. both guys have 1-day prep.

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In an all out gear/prep battle, Frank isn't losing this.

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H2H Frank gets stomped

with full gear he pulls the win

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I made that thread already

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The 1-day prep gives Frank the win.

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Rama would beat Frank in a decent melee fight, any other kind of fight Frank stomps. Having prep is a mismatch.

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He would've destroyed Rama before S2.

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Rama beats his ass in H2H.

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How is Rama putting him down?

Frank survived a barrage of knife hits, rubber bullets, baseball bat hits, stabbings and was still conscious, survived being hit by a car,

Frank as of S2 could give Daredevil hell who is superior to Rama in every way

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Frank wins due to prep and gear. Straight up h2h Rama stills wins a tough fight.

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Frank wins. As of s2 hes isnt getting put down by 1 guy

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Frank wins. As of s2 hes isnt getting put down by 1 guy

Depends on who that one guy is though.

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Frank stomps.