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Poll: MCU Prime Odin and DCEU Zeus vs MCU Prime Surtur and Thanos (10 votes)

Odin and Zeus very easily 20%
Odin and Zeus but barely 40%
Surtur and Thanos handily 10%
Surtur and Thanos in a very tough fight 20%
Odin solos 0%
Zeus solos 0%
Surtur solos 10%
Thanos pimpslaps them all 0%

Odin feats: Conquered all Nine Realms, soloing Frost Giants, Imprisoned Hela and defeat Surtur in his prime, oneshotted Dark elf, and was able to depower and banish The Mighty Thor.

Zeus feats: Oneshotted Steppenwolf and Separated The Motherboxes single handedly.

Random encounter

No prior knowledge or prep

Thanos gets the Power stone

Win by any means

Location: Asgard, 300 ft apart

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