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Round 1 - Pure hand to hand, bloodlust on

Round 2 - Okoye gets staff/spear, Ward gets a military combat knife, morals off

Round 3 - Both get standard gear, body armor and ranged weaponry included, morals off

Round 4 - Ends in sex

Round 5 - Who is cooler and more badass?

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Round 1: Ward should stomp, don't recall any unarmed feats from Okoye.

Round 2: Wasn't she keeping Killmonger at bay? Yeah, I think she'll be able to fend Ward off (the staff's range > the knife)

Round 3: Ward shoots her.

Round 4: A fitting ending for the penultimate round.

Round 5: Okoye.

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  1. Ward.
  2. I'm thinking Okoye takes this. Range + vibranium are a lethal mix.
  3. Ward. Wouldn't be at all surprised if Okoye did win though.
  4. Okoye shatters his pelvis.
  5. Stalemate.
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1. Ward

2. Maybe Okoye due to superior gear.

3. Ward.

5. Hmm. Close one. For now I'll actually go with Okoye but I might be forgetting something cool that Ward did.

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@amcu: Yeah, both of them are the pinnacle of badass in my opinion. I LOVED Okoye's attitude.

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@the_magister: True. What did you think of the movie overall? I didn't think it was the best CBM ever but I really enjoyed it.

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@amcu: I loved it actually, my second favorite MCU film after The Winter Soldier. Btw sorry about the fourth round, it was tactless of me and it slipped my mind when I tagged you.

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Round 1: Ward stomps
Round 2: Ward in a close fight
Round 3: Ward shoots her
Round 4: Poor Ward ...
Round 5: Ward

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1 - Ward because okoye has zero h2h feats
2 - Okoye's killmonger feat > Any feat Ward has shown with weapons
3 - Ward would snag a headshot, nothing from the film suggests Okoye is a bullet-timer
4 - Wouldn't be surprised if Okoye has a bigger dick than Ward. This is the most brutal round for Ward, his arsehole will never recover.
5 - Try telling Okoye she's not cool. She won't care but she'll still stab your face off.

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Just watched the movie, Ward takes all except 4.

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Ward wins round one, Okoye never fought H2H the whole movie. She wins round two, the reach/skill advantage of the spear (along with its taser feature), and Vibranium armor. She wins round three, if she has access to her own native Vibranium ranged weaponry- because she didn’t use guns the whole movie either. Sex round? Double KO. Who’s cooler/more badass? Okoye.

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Rounds 1-4 are all Ward, but she makes him work for it.

Round 5 is Okoye all day. She’s the most badass character in the MCU right now.

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Okoye probably if she can tag him, but Ward's nimble and quick enough to avoid the staff and close the distance.


They both win


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