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Pure hand to hand, morals off, Coulson gets the base robotic hand but none of the extra fancy tech. Starting distance is ten feet apart in an empty grass field.

This is NOT a gauntlet, and it is in no specific order. This is just asking which of these individuals the trio can beat.

  1. Matt Murdock
  2. Danny Rand
  3. Melinda May
  4. Frank Castle
  5. Grant Ward
  6. Bobbi Morse
  7. R. Giyera
  8. Zhou Cheng
  9. Davos
  10. Qovas
  11. Daisy Johnson
  12. Thanos
  13. Dormammu
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Where are the masters? I only see a bunch of half decent fighters.

They lose every round, except round 13.

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Gets to Dormammu, but loses.

Fury does not bargain.

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If we assume Hill and Fury are comparable to Coulson, I could see them beating:




EDIT: probably Davos (didn't see him on the list), liable to change if Davos gets more feats

Maybe Daisy

Maybe Ward/May

Maaaayyybe Danny

However, I don’t think Fury or Hill have shown anything to really establish them aside from a couple fodder feats. Based on that, they’re not beating Danny, probably not beating any of the agents except maybe Daisy

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They can beat Qovas and Frank

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They only beat Frank

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@angeljax said:

They can beat Qovas and Frank

I figured you'd say they could beat people like Zhou or Davos before Qovas

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@arcus1: Fury and Maria are basically non-factors, and I don't think Coulson can carry hard enough to beat people that are level with Danny.

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...They beat Frank.

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  1. Matt Murdock: They lose in a good fight
  2. Danny Rand: Same as above
  3. Melinda May: Same as above
  4. Frank Castle: Coulson solos
  5. Grant Ward: Coulson arguably solos.
  6. Bobbi Morse: They lose
  7. R. Giyera: They win
  8. Zhou Cheng
  9. Davos
  10. Qovas
  11. Daisy Johnson: They lose
  12. Thanos: No.
  13. Dormammu: They outsmart him.