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no herb powers or suit for killmonger

melee only

standard weaponry. killmonger has his gun and spear

morals off

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Baleman dies

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Siding with killmonger. I doubt batman can beat T'challa as badly as Killmonger did....

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killmonger could have dispatched of T'challa permanently during their ritual combat had there not been intervention; and what's more he could have done it with relative ease. Whilst Nolan's batman could almost certainly get the better of a de-powered T'challa, it is unlikely that it would be in the same convincing fashion. Killmonger also displayed combat capabilities which leave me inclined to think he could take on Bane with much less trouble than batman did. Based on (albeit somewhat limited) feats on MCU killmonger's side, i'd put my money on Erik.

P.s. Not really sure if the above counts as a spoiler, but rather safe than sorry I guess.

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@frombeyond: I love how you are actually saying that a Navy seal can take on Batman lol, and bane too. Eric literally has no chance at even surviving a fight with Bruce nonetheless beating him.

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Batman stomps. Better in every way.

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I think Baleman loses this one. Killmonger is just a perfect weapon.

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MCU wank really is ridiculous if people believe some random FBI agent with little to no feats can kill a guy who can dodge bullets, kick through a brick wall and beat 20 armed thugs at the same time without killing a single one of them or using any weapons.

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Baleman has some nice sword feats in Batman Begins so I'm backing him