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  • Kaecilius is backed up by his two disciples that helped him during the original Doctor Strange fight.
  • Kaecilius & co can make air weapons and run on walls, but has no other magic.
  • Ward is armed with a combat knife.
  • Any win condition.
  • Fight takes place in the Sanctum.

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This seems like a mismatch.

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... What? Don't see how Kaecilius loses here.

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I know Kae has a lack of feats, but I'd think this would be an interesting fight. He's still a skilled martial artist, and all the mages were showing fairly high stats. Strange ragdolled people with his whip, and Kae overpowered it. He's also got a weapon advantage, unorthodox way of fighting advantage and is backed up by two other skilled magic users. Grant's definitely a tough guy to beat, but I think this is a very arguable fight.

I guess if people don’t agree though, I can change it to a lower agent.

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Iron fist ward would be a closer fight. Grant Ward stomps them too easy.

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Yeaaaa Kaecilius wins. This would be a bit more fair if he didn't have 2 fodder on his side too

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Kaecilius stomps.

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Why isn't this a stomp

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Kaecilius solos.

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