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R1 : Standard Gear

R2 : H2H

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Round 1 ; The hand ninja

Round 2: TIE

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Hand ninja both rounds

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Serious? Daredevil took a lot of ninjas and had a big problem to beat the Punisher, having lost by him a few times. Punisher had problem to beat Pilgrim. Pilgrim can beat at least a few ninjas in hand to hand. If he uses guns he can take a lot of ninjas.

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Pilgrim stomps both rounds. I think people get too carried away with the fodder scaling thing. At the end of the day, they're still subject to constraints that dictate fodder competency; Pilgrim's showings against Frank are enough to suggest that this is a slaughter in his favor.

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The Preacher

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Pilgrilm both rounds. Round 1 is a stomp.

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Pilgrim both rounds.

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John both rounds.

Fodder is gonna be fodderized