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  • Iron Man has his suit from Infinity War
  • Fight takes place in an empty Harlem
  • Win by either KO or Death
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Iron-Man Mid to high Diff

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Iron Man with difficulty

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I never noticed how weird Abom's feet were until now.


I don't think he is prepared for Abom's ferocity and could lose here.

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Iron Man destroys him

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Tony with low difficulty.

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Abomination is not hurting him in a million years, and Tony was capable of fighting Thanos, he stomps.

Really, how can people think this is a fair fight?

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Stark let's the suit solo while he enjoys a drink.


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Iron Man wins.

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Tony, lol.

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iron man wins with very high difficulty based on abilities

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Isnt this a mismatch?

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iron man wins with very high difficulty based on abilities

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Iron stank stomps a big brown idiot named Emil

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Tony whoops that ass.

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Tony wrecks him.

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@amcu said:

Tony wrecks him.