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Poll: Mcu Iron Man mk 6 vs DCEU Aquaman (37 votes)

Iron man mk 6 65%
Aquaman 30%
Results 5%


Round 1 takes place on submarine where black manta and Aquaman fought.

Round 2 Takes place on the rooftop from iron man 1

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IM instantly one shots

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Iron Man stomps.

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Does Arthur have his trident?

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Aquaman stomps both rounds obviously.

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It could go either way

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Iron Man

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Ironman. Many ways to take him out.

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I can't see Aquaman equating to a weaker Thor (who crushed Iron Mans armor and was able to stall the Hulk and shrug him off).

This armor has a lot of good feats in combat areas and Aquamans inability to fly would be a huge disadvantage. Also him being hurt by Black Manta is pretty pathetic too.

Aquaman would need to also recreate a feat that is equal with the helicarrier rotors. Which iron man survived

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Round 1: Aquaman summons Karethan

Round 2: Stark

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That was the best scene of the movie hands down.

Arthur would get cut in half by that.

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Iron Man, this suit was strong af

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Iron man stomps.