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Each Asgardian has 2 swords and a spear (used in the Dark Elf War).

Bor has sent some of his best soldiers to defeat an Iron Man clone that traveled many centuries back in time.

Tony Stark clone has the same skills and experience up to and including Infinity War and will fight going all-out. The Asgardians will go all-out.

Location: Asgard, where Hela fought the Asgardian army

10 m apart

Win by death

Round 1: 1 Asgardian

Round 2: 2 Asgardians

Round 3: 4 Asgardians

Round 4: 8 Asgardians

Round 5: 16 Asgardians

Round 6: 32 Asgardians

Round 7: 64 Asgardians

Round 8: 128 Asgardians

Round 9: 256 Asgardians

Round 10: 512 Asgardians

Bonus: should MCU Bor theoretically be able to defeat MCU Iron Man 1v1? I know he lacks feats so just state your opinion.

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R1: Stark

R2: Stark

R3: Stark

R4-10 Asgardians

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Asgardians are fodder in every movie they've been in.

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Assuming their armor isnt Uru metal then he probably doesnt make it past round 7 or maybe 8 especially if you are referring to when Hela fought on the bridge in which case he becomes much more effective because he only has to knock them off of it. Also im ignoring the “his best soldiers” bit because its too vague/difficult to quantify. He has the massive advantage of being able to simple fly above and rain down missile and repulsor fire and what not plus he has those one time use crystal lasers that seem to cut through everything so its really a matter of how much fire power his suit has but even beyond ranged weapons his suit is regenerative and can pack some major rocket reinforced punches not to mention his energy swords and how he is very good at cycling through his abilities for combination attacks.

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Stops at 5.