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I'd say Cull.

His physicals match Hulk, or maybe even higher since he was overpowering Hulkbuster. But it's a different model so who knows. His gear is sick too, and he was pimp handling a really strong Iron Man. The same Iron Man that was holding his own against Thanos in close combat.

He should be able to pull a win.

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id say cull in a close match.

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Hulk wrecks him.

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Hulk stomps.

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I think Hulk would likely be intended to win in a good fight. But Cull did pretty well against Iron Man who is straight up above Hulk. I'm not sure.

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Cull Obsidian was overpowering the Hulkbuster armour if I remember correctly. He should take this, although Hulk may now be stronger than he was in Age of Ultron.

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cull obsidian is more experienced and smarter, and has similar strength levels

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Cull Obsidian.

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Cull 6/10

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Lol at Cull winning. He was overpowering the Hulkbuster whilst Banner was using it, 5 minutes before his fight with Cull he literally tripped over and made it fall on its face.

Tony knew how to use the Hulkbuster to it’s best (repairing parts, rotating arms, devices that could trap Hulks arm etc) and he still needed multiple repairs to contend with Hulk.

It was also heavily implied that Hulk was gonna smack Cull but didn’t come out. MCU Hulk has been getting lowballed to shit since infinity war, yes he was beaten up by Thanos, what people leave out is that there were VERY important narrative reasons for that outcome, and god mode Thor was smacked just as badly off screen.

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Hulk stomps. I find it funny how losing to a none repairing Hulkbuster with an inexperienced pilot puts Cull supposedly above Hulk. Guys Hulk ripped pieces of that thing off the whole time, shrugged a million more hits and gadgets off than Cul and most importantly pulled the entire Hulkbuster off course when his arm was trapped by it. Cull couldn't get out of said armseal and was blasted straight into the barrier just by a thruster on the arm. And if we go back further Thor literally struggled more stopping Hulks hit with both arms than Spidey did to stop Culls hit. Hulk tears him apart.

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@thedailybagel: said everything I was itching to say but couldn’t easily since I’m on mobile. Cull also had a full force swing stopped by Spidey without much effort it seemed. He has no strength feats. He didn’t even overpower Hulkbuster: he made a fool of banner through skill and Banner’s clumsiness. He never had to outmuscle HB

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Could go either way

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Cull didn't really lose a fight the whole movie, and he was beating Hulkbuster easily. Gotta go with Cull here.

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@justinblack4: Cull didnt loose a fight? He was killed by a damaged Hulkbuster with an inexperienced pilot...

Bruce was literally tripping and falling on his face in Veronica minutes before fighting Cull. He still won and killed Cull despite loosing an arm in the fight.

Hulk faired MUCH better against the same armor under more difficult circumstances. Veronica had a much more skilled pilot and a floating repair kit against Hulk. Hulk would own Cull. No question.

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Cull would have lost to Iron Man eventually.

Iron Man was really focused on Strange and the time stone escaping than fighting Cull, which left him open a lot.

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Could go either way.

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Cull has no noticeable strength feats to put him on Hulk's level. He was destroying an already damaged Hulkbuster that was piloted by an inexperienced Banner. This Hulkbuster also had no spare parts.

T'Challa knocked him down with his kinetic punch.

Spiderman caught his hammer strike, Spidy didn't seemed to be straining or anything. Hulk would have caught it with one hand tbh and then used his own hammer to beat the crap out of him.

Only thing that could give Hulk trouble is the hammer that has weird gadgets, but Hulk would rip apart those easily too.

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Hulk .

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Hulk stomps

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Hulk easily.

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Hulk mid-diff

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I'm gonna say Hulk. IW pissed on him as a character, but Cull was blocked by Spidey casually. Contending with Tony is a non-factor because he clearly wasn't using his armor to anywhere near its full potential there.

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The one who wasn't one-shotted by Black Panther

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Hulk wins.

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The Hulk wouldn't do nearly as well against Mark L Tony under any circumstances, and he was beating the Hulkbuster until Bruce pulled off some high end trickery.

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Hulk Berly

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Hulk in a close one.

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Could go either way.

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Cull in a decent fight.

He's basically Hulk, only skilled and wielding a versatile weapon.

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Hulk one-shots.

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Who put this man against Hulk?

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Hulk stomps.

Based on the way Spidey casually blocked Culls swing, I’d say Spidey would stomp him as well.

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Hulk wins.

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