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Poll: MCU Hulk and Thanos (Base) vs SUMC Venom (Hardy) and Riot (32 votes)

Hulk and Thanos 88%
Venom and Riot 13%
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#1 Posted by Subline (8418 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 1.

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#2 Posted by xZone (10347 posts) - - Show Bio

From what I’m hearing this is a mismatch

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#3 Edited by rem (2742 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos solos.

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#4 Posted by Thanos_thebadas (1268 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk and Thanos Venom ins't anywhere near their level yet. He could throw people threw concrete but after that they were still live, he didn't even throw a big thing once, not even a car. Still liked the movie nevertheless but disappointed by his power levels.

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#5 Posted by KingLouie (3567 posts) - - Show Bio

Either solo

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#6 Posted by Mister_Surreal (11074 posts) - - Show Bio

The grape and the Jolly Green Giant win with low difficulty.

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#7 Posted by Laurus (1622 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos solos, Hulk might solo.

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#8 Posted by Mr_Shazam0920 (4921 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 1 mega stomp.

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#9 Posted by deactivated-5c607e387a408 (312 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah no dice for my boys here. The Symbiotes can be ripped off. They have not been shown to endure what either of these two can put out.

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#10 Posted by Daisy_Johnson (1247 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, this is the Comic Vine version of a sick joke. I'm not going to go into do the level of abuse Thanos would dish to these guys. Hulk would just tear them apart alone and rip the Symbiotes right off them and step on them.

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#11 Posted by AlexTheBoss (18067 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 1 stomps. One punch from each could kill the host inside Venom and Riot.

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#12 Posted by NiteLite (2710 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos solos all 3.

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#13 Posted by shadyxv (580 posts) - - Show Bio