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  • In character
  • MCU Abomination,Hela with 1,000 undead asgardians & Fenris get feats from MCU's films
  • MCU Thanos with a power stone and black order get feats from the infinity war film.
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard Gear/equipment/weapons were usually used by the characters
  • Starting Distance: 10 meters apart
  • Win By Killing,KO and Incap.
  • Location: The inside of the Asgardian ship


earth 616 versions of Abomination and Hela vs Thanos without infinity gauntlet in a empty city & starts 20 meters apart

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Thanos is forced to use the stone against Hela.

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Thanos would need a stone to win tbh. Abomination won't get the hulk treatment because he's to smart and knows how to counter hits, Hela would aim for the eyes

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Hela and Abomination win. Not sure about the bonus round though.

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Thanos sweeps and probably loses a couple members of the Black Order before he does. He doesn't need to use the Power Stone as some say. Remember, Hela is more powerful the closer to Asgard she is, and Abomination is just a less strong Hulk, especially because he only matched Hulk in his Solo film. Hulk seems much stronger in Avengers I, II, and Thor: Ragnarok. Anyways, Hela probably still preforms better than Thor but Thor got no-named by the Black Order soooo, I think Base Thanos smacks pretty easily.