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Who win between fighting strength and speed ?

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Barry kill himself trying to hurt scott

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Stalemate mcu giant man no tag flash DCEU flash no damage giant man.

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Why people no talk properly here

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Flash win. Giant man exhaust himself by being too weak to maintain the form and collapse in unconsciousness. Flash have no other way to win.

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Barry waits for Scott to wear out

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Barry KO's himself by running into Scott and then Scott goes unconscious.

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Barry trips over and dies.

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Not even sure Giant-Man would feel Barry's punches and I think Scott would give up on trying to kill Barry when he realizes he can't catch him. Stalemate.

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Barry wins.

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Barry eventually.

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Scott stomp.

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@anthp2000: maybe because someone else's mother tongue isn't English?

Flash, Giant-Man tires himself out trying to catch Barry and passes out due to growing that big

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@leonardsnart: Mine isn't either, just saying, OP and first 2 comments look like they're memeing the English grammar.

Doesn't happen much.

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Giant Man bad, no tag flash gets exhausted and no win the fight.

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@anthp2000: why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

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Flash win but no do punch he die if no punch no hurt than he get stalemate.

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Them has point

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Lmao I like how everyone start talking bad engeeesh

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Big man good, stronger, he win easy. Flash fall over and die.

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Giant man stomp.

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The flash has probably seen that really old film, the Empire Strikes Back

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Scott would just end up fainting and Barry is competent enough to move out the way and one shot him when hes back in his normal form.