(MCU) Ghost vs Mysterio

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Both got the winds of the techs of each other while ain't ready or expect for it

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Setting, somewhere like that

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The one who can go intangible.

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Is Eva not bothered by the illusion ?

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Ghost or stalemate

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Ghost ain't gonna go randomly intangible for no reason in a random encounter with no knowledge.

She gonna get shot while a illusion is going on, considering Beck's drones have scanners and will find her before she even notices who she is fighting.

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Mysterio can win this. Ghost will get confused by illusions and, considering Ant-Man/Wasp could tag her in fight IIRC, she won't avoid so many bullets while distracted.

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Mysterio stomps

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Mysterio is legit a bad matchup for her.

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on condition that their equipments are set in motion before the crossfire

What will the fight look like?

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Could go either way.