MCU Fat Thor vs MCU Kurse

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Poll: MCU Fat Thor vs MCU Kurse (10 votes)

Kurse 80%
Fat thor 20%

Both 1v1 no interference


Who Wins?

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If Thor can’t use his lightning cloak, then probably Kurse.

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Kurse claps.

Just watch Dark World movie again and problem solved. Thor as awakened to buffed massively in stats and powers but his skills went down so Kurse would kick his ass easily

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Kurse likely wins again, Thor became stronger but it was mostly due to his lightning abilities and Stormbreaker, which be pretty much lacks here.

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Kurse stomps in pure H2H. Fat Thor isn't any stronger than in TDW.

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Thor can’t beat this monster without a weapon.

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Kurse beats him up a second time.

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Kurse wrecks