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*fight begins below Ego's surface*

*Hela knows about Ego weakness*

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Ego can really bury her and strike her down, but he hasn't shown anything capable of putting her down for good. Maybe he can suck her life essence or even plant his seed in her and make her part of him? Not entirely sure.

It's also unsure if Hela can put Ego down. Even if she knows about his weakness, can she make it to his brain? It's covered in a crust with holes only Baby Groot can fit in. If she tries to cut her way in, it'd be only too easy for Ego to disrupt her and rebuild the crust when she tries to break it down.

I'd say ends in a stalemate, but Ego has a higher chance of winning.

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fighting on Ego's planet? unless Hela can keep up forever her sword spamming then it's a stalemate but I guess eventually it will go to Ego

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Ego, eventually

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Healing factor force hela stomps.

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Ego. Hela can't win against a Celestial.

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Hela stomps if she knows about his weakness.

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*fight begins below Ego's surface*

*Hela knows about Ego weakness*

If they're fighting underground where the brain is, and Hela knows about the weakness, then there is nothing stopping Hela from fighting her way to the brain and destroying it.

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Stalemate because Ego cannot hurt Hela but she cannot beat him

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Hela isnt on Asguard, the source of her power. Shes weakened and loses

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Hela with knowledge.

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Ego stomps

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Asajj Ventress

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