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Morals off

They fight in the mirror dimension

Kaecilius can only use matter manipulation powers from the mirror dimension and also can use his sword

Who wins?

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Leaning towards Maw since he can defeat current Strange.

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Maw since he beat Strange without much effort.

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I'll be the odd man out and say I don't see a clear winner. Maw incapacitated strange before he could actually get any traction. Couple that with the fact that the OP stated this is in the mirror dimension which gives Kae limited reality warping and I'd say it's a toss up. Good match

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Probs kacelius he fights to kill unlike strange. And strange only got caught out because he was about to use the gem which takes a while to activate.

I don’t think maw can redirect those magical blades kacelius has

That being said maw will also kill since he only needed to capture strange

5.5/10 kacelius due to location

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kacelius destroys him with exsplosion that destroyed building.