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Daredevil, Danny Rand, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones


Bobbi Morse, Melinda May, Phil Coulson and Jeffrey Mace,

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Gonna assume standard gear and abilities, since it's not specified otherwise.

I'd say Luke is on par with Jeffrey now. Assuming it's composite Jeffrey (with Framework feats/characterization included), he is far more skilled so I'd back him against Luke in a good fight.

Bobbi >>>>>> Matt with standard gear.

May >>>> Danny with standard gear.

Phil could hold his own against Jessica long enough for another agent to jump in after dealing with their opponent.

Agents win solidly.

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Defenders wreck them. Each member can beat their opposite.

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Defenders wreck them. Each member can beat their opposite.

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Standard gear... Bobbi and May murder the Defenders.

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Standard gear includes guns? If so agents win

Otherwise Defenders stomp. Matt is more skilled than anyone, and the other guys on his team have gimmicks that give them huge advantages

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I haven't seen the newest season of agents of shield, so unless May and Bobbi have become exceptionally better fighters, Defenders teams wins.

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Shield team takes it

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Defenders. Almost a mismatch.

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Agents, they could win even without guns

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Agents steam.

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Defenders in an utter stomp

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Defenders win, Danny and Luke could easily hit em with her patty cake combo move. Secondly Luke has better stats than Mace. Judas bullet's no longer harm him. Luke literally stopped a SUV movie at 40mph dead in its tracks. Mace closest move is slowing a truck down rather than outright bringing it to a halt.