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Round 1: Captain America, Black Widow & Falcon
Round 2: Black Panther, Killmonger, Okoye
Round 3: Civil War: Iron Man & War Machine
Round 4: Pre-Ragnarok Thor (unarmed)
Round 5: Valkyrie & Loki (Ragnarok)
Round 6: Iron Man (Infinity War)
Round 7: Doctor Strange (Infinity War, no Time Stone)

  • Standard Gear unless stated otherwise
  • In Character
  • Teamwork is not an issue
  • Daughters get fully healed after each round

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They stop at Iron Man.

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They stop at 4. Proxima is garbage, and Nebula and Gamora are nuisances. Thor unharmed could still contend with the Hulk who is way above these gals.

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They stop at two. They have no way to hurt BP or killmonger.

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Stops at 3

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Wait a min, they could easily stop at 3 due to War Machine, I assumed it was h2h for some reason. Rhodey drops them there, but if it wasn't for that, they'd certainly get to the Bleeding Edge.

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They stop at round 1. They can’t do anything against Falcon. Cap can arguably beat anyone in a 1 vs 1 & Widow can hold her own with gear for a while.

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They get curb stomped at 3. No answer for any ranged equipment from either Iron Man or War Machine.

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Dey stop at 5, proxima is cap level, Loki beats cap with out much effort any day d duo isn't enough to even beat val

EDIT:don't even see dem beating thor

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Round 2 doesn't look good for them.

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Stop at 2.

They can't pass vibranium suits.

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Shouldn’t Nebula’s weapon work against the vibranium suits? I mean, it produces electricity and that’s been shown to be something vibranium can no sell. Especially since it seems to release more energy than Natasha’s.

Even with that considered, Proxima’s blows, especially her blasts, were sending Wanda tens of metres away, I don’t see a reason why it won’t even faze vibranium.

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I think at War Machine and Iron Man.

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Stops at 2.

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Could stop at 2.

Definitely stops at 3.

4 is borderline bullying

5-7 is spite

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Panthers are faster and more durable

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2 or 3

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1 or 2