MCU Daisy Johnson vs. Stranger Things Eleven

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Round 1: Both in Character

Round 2: Both Bloodlusted

Round 3 (Bonus): In character Daisy gets Hive. Eleven (bloodlusted) gets Mind Flayer.

All rounds occur at Gotham Harbor.

Daisy doesn‘t have serum amps.

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Eleven stomps R1, Daisy stomps R2.

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Daisy in all 3 rounds.

She is way, way faster on the draw and can likely tank a lot more than Eleven could.

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Lmao , Daisy all the way , When daisy turns those bat looking zombie bird creatures turn into ash , more than 100 zombie birds at a time... All turn into ash...Eleven is nowhere near Daisy.

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quake all rounds

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Daisy and her team would clear all 3 seasons of Stranger Things in 3 days. If that.