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Posted by skywalker95 (4470 posts) 6 months, 28 days ago

Poll: MCU Civil War Team vs MOS Superman (82 votes)

Team 52%
Superman 48%
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  • Clark Only has Man of Steel Feats
  • Nano Tech Armor, IW Suit for T'Challa, IW Armor for Rhodey, Original Shield for Cap, Iron Spider Suit,
  • Scott starts of as Giant Man
  • Fight takes place in MOS Smallville
  • In Character but highly determined to win
  • Win by Ko, Death or Incap
  • No Bfr
  • Start 100 Feet Away
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#101 Posted by plotweapon16255 (7704 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman still solos.

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#102 Posted by Thatoneguy887 (1098 posts) - - Show Bio

Vision says hello goodbye and Clark then says why, why must I die.

Then vision kills Clark.

The end

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#103 Posted by deactivated-5bf5b631eb894 (69 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Superman beats them all.

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#104 Posted by All_The_Way (35 posts) - - Show Bio

Fodder. Superman swipe

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#105 Posted by cooljammy18 (2347 posts) - - Show Bio

The MCU bias is real. Superman still stomps.

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#106 Posted by ourmanuel (11379 posts) - - Show Bio

Tbh he blitzes and the only one who doesn’t get blitzed might be iron man for his missile feat.

still gets wrecked tho.