MCU Captain Marvel vs MCU Hela

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the rules

  • Binary Carol
  • Takes place on Asgard
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Could probably go either way.

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Blade ==> head ==> dead Captain.

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Keep spamming these threads when like 1/5th of the Battle forum has seen the movie 😂

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Carol can't hurt hela

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Carol can win via BFR

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Carol got no piercing durability feats whatsoever.

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Hela mid difficulty. She still beats Stormbreaker Thor

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Hela gets blitzed to death.

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Hela gets blitzed multiple times until she goes down

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BFR wouldn't work because Hela can survive in space.

CM doesn't really have piercing durability other than blocking that sword with her hand and breaking it but Hela's sword is much more powerful.

so Hela around high difficulty.

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Hela can't die on Asgard, but in any scenario Hela wins anyway.

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Hela unless bfr is allowed

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Carol flies her into a black hole

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Helafine in a stomp

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Hela probably. For all of us being told how she is the most powerful hero I really don't think anything Captain Marvel did seemed like something Thor cpuld not have done. I mean I guess he could not push the rocket back due to how he flies but, he did generate enough energy to move the rings which were bigger. And we've seen him smash through those transports of Thanos which were about the same size, we've seen him, Heimdall and Valkyrie rip apart spaceships like Carol did. So since Hela has little trpuble defeating Thor for the moment I don't see her struggle much with Captain Marvel who for the moment appears at best slightly more powerful.

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Hela wins , way better in every category except speed

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Hela one-shots.

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Im riding with Hela on this one...

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2 for Carol and 17 for Hela

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Going to tentatively give this another bump, now that we see how Captain Marvel compares to the rest of the cast via Endgame feats.

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Captain Marvel impressed me more.

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Carol's stronger but doesn't have a win condition.

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Hela wins without much difficulty

Stronger , over powering Thor who is multi million toner with one arm

Durability- probably hela or a tie

Skill,- hela

Damage output - hela

Hela is just too much for carol

Carol couldn't even over power a near death thanos and was one shotted by d power stone something Thor has tanked in his weakens state twice and hela ragdolled that Thor

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@el-kun: Hela is either a little weaker than Thanos, just as strong as him, or slightly stronger. Either way their in the same tier for physical Strength.

What I’m trying to say is Carol was completely unaffected by Thanos’ Head butt, therefore it’s logical to assume she is more durable than Hela and could potentially be unaffected by her attacks

Tbh Hela didn’t show too many durability feats, she was only impressive due to healing factor, but I think she only has that on Asgard

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Captain Marvel keeps inflicting fatal wounds to Hela until Hela gets lucky and kills her.

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@firstfirmament: I dont think she can get impaled when she goes binary

Would be a very very long fight but hela would likely have the better endurance

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CM doesn't have the damage output to put Hela down. Hela will just easily no sell any punches she lands and CM doesn't have any piercing durability feats.

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I think Carol wins this tbh. While CM doesn't have the DC to kill Hela on Asgard, she is more than fast enough. I think she can fly her to a location where her Punches will be able to kill her.

Hela's Physicals aren't better than Thanos in an average environment. She is stronger in the 9 Realms, and Invincible on Asgard. So I think CM wins 8/10.

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I'm going with Hela here.

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@emmafrostxmen: first off dat scene of Carol head I think she was drawing power from d gauntlet because her energy started to increase and she quickly overpowered thanos, d same thanos who was nearly dead nd still nearly overpowered Carol even tho she took him by surprise, and no sold her bullrush ,

Because caro durability is just all over d place ,one moment she is going through sanctuary II like paper and another moment she was knocked out by d blast from ant man van which didn't even kill most of d outriders, and moments later thanos threw her and she was out for like 3-4 seconds

Hela destroyed Thor's hammer which can only be melted my a star beam, toyed with awakened Thor and Valkyrie and could Hav killed both many times

Speed dey probably d same

Strength goes to hela

Durability goes to carol due to hela no having much to take and dey few she was attacked with were piercing durability

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If its on Asgard, Marvel's not winning.

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They should be fairly close physically, so it comes down to Carol's damage output and speed vs Hela's healing factor and blades.

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Even with the new Endgame feats, Hela is still just better. She wins.

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Marvel went head to head with Thanos. She wins. Thor was beating Hela when he unlocked his powers and he's about even with CM

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Captain Marvel is faster, physically stronger, is more durable, can fly, and can shoot energy beams.

What are Hela's advantages that lead so many people to say she wins?

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Captain Marvel stomps in a mismatch pre or post endgame.

My god Hela is overrated. She did nothing besides kill fodder and toss around Thor and Valkyrie for all of 2 minutes.

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Hela her immortality is not something Marvel can overcome even if she throws her to space Hela according to the official guide can open portals to different realms

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Since it's on Asgard , I don't know if CP would be able to actually KILL Hela , neither I don't know how the fight will end but she dominates Hela in a fight , in my opinion.