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  • Random Encounter
  • Cap is wielding Mjolnir, Shield and his stats have been increased to Thor's, Nano tech armour for Stark, Binary form
  • Takes place on Titan
  • No holding back
  • Perfect teamwork between duo
  • Win by any means except bfr
  • Start 100 ft apart
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CM, if it was endgame iron man. Throw in Thor and team wins

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Captain Marvel wins.

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Carol, She can probably one shot Cap and then bullrush Iron Man like she did against Thanos’ ship.

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So far the films have basically shown her unable to be put down in binary form without the power stone then on the flip side her close combat feats aren’t that great.

By hype and in universe plus feat for all 3 Carol takes it in a good but long fight due to the others teamwork and skill but she has too much raw power to be put down by anything they have.

Carol 10/10

if by some chance Mjolnir and or Nanotech blades can hurt her then 7/10

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Carol. Her hype is high and feats are still not great but just power she wins this.

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Team. Carol has good strength feats but she still lacks overall combat feats.

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I think she takes it

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Carol wrecks.

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I haven't watched her solo film, but based on her Endgame showings alone Carol should win comfortably.

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Team. Carol has good strength feats but she still lacks overall combat feats.

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Carol stomps them both, to be honest.

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Carol - Stark isnt adding anything really

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@King_Hellstorm- Why does everyone over rate cm???? She barely overpowered thanos using her whole body against his one arm got one shotted by the power stone and only beat thanos by absorbing energy from the gauntlet. I swear people over hyper her so much. Ironman caught thanos punch and took a knee to the chest without budging, which is better than Captain Marvels showing tbh. That being said Ironman and cap should be able to take this.

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I'm not sure how anyone can reason the team making her flinch much less actually winning

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Dear God... How did it come to this?

The team stomps. Either of them alone can hold their own, with Cap being more than a match for her. She gets destroyed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 style. The combos they will unleash will be devastating, she will get stunned with a sonic boom from the shield then engulfed in lightning and lasers.