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Neither have fully unlocked their powers yet. Diana’s is fighting like she did with Ludendorff and at the beginning of ares’ fight. Carol is before she took that thing off her neck

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Depowered Wonder Woman is a lot more impressive she stomps

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Carol stomps

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WW curbs

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Diana should win

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Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

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Hard for Carol to compete with bow and arrow wielding primitives

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Wonder Woman curbstomps.

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Diana slaughters the walking plot device.

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Definitely Diana.

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Diana was the best warrior on an island of immortal warrior women who trained all the time, this is an unfair match for Carol.

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carol still win by energy beam.

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not fair why you no use diana version on island themyscira.

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So WW with all her best pre movie-ending feats? Against an unimpressive Captain Marvel? Diana shitstomps.

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Dianas feats from before she got "amped" are the same as when she did, there's literally no difference in power levels since we've never seen "God mode" again