MCU Captain Marvel vs DCEU Flash

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Carol Danvers

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Barry Allen

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  • Morals on/In-character
  • Random encounter
  • Start 100ft apart
  • Fight takes place in the Grand Canyon
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What's Barry going to do to her?

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Flash vs an actual opponent that can perform carpet bombing? Yeah flash dies

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She could use an AoE blast and take him out

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Carol stomps

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Carol stomps

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This Barry sucks. (Thank You Snyder to ruin Flash). Captain Marvel Win.

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Barry trips, Carol kills him.

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Haven't seen it yet, but DCEU Flash was trash (unintentional rhyme). I'm willing to go out on the limb and say Carol wins.

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Captain Marvel stomps.

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As he is currently Flash shouldn't be put up against any high tier that has good durability.

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Barry trips into Carol's fist

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DCEU Flash is so far the weakest hero of his universe by a longshot, he gets stomped.

Also, screw anyone who blames Snyder for that. It's all clearly Joss Whedon's fault, but yeah, keep blaming the easy target.

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@ouroborik : lol look barry no have damage about that.

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@minlerdemon: You really need some better quality gifs.

Marvel stomps.

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The Flash speed blitz. Carole doesn’t have the durability feats to say she woudn’t get knocked out.

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captain marvel solo DCEU earth .

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Carol... she is even shown at the end of the movie she is much faster than him in straight line... besides that, she could just burn him lol

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