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Round 1

  • Cap has his shield and has the drop on Venom
  • Captain America is trying to knock venom down
  • Venom is full

Round 2

  • Captain America has an ultrasonic gun and shield
  • Venom is starving

Not spite or a mismatch, Captain America has fought Ultron who is stronger and more durable than Venom he can take on Venom as well.

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Venom has a healing factor I don't think Captain has any way of bypassing and Venom could stab him easily being more agile and faster.

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#4 Posted by DammeFavour (8466 posts) - - Show Bio is definitely a mismatch

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@DammeFavour: Not at all, MCU captain America is basically superman, he beat the crap out of Ultron and flipped a motorcycle once, he can take on venom.

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Venom stomps, Cap can’t hurt him

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@ecgelsv: I know you didnt intend on this being a mismatch. The Ultron movie needed scenes for Captain America to be involve so some things happened which were not supposed to.

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Venom curbstomps him with no difficulty at all.

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Cap has no way of hurting Venom.