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  • 1 Chitauri
  • 1 HAMMER drone
  • 1 Dark Elf
  • 1 Ultron Sentry
  • 1 Outrider
  • 1 Dora Milaje Soldier
  • 1 Kree Reaper
  • 1 MCU Asgardian Soldier
  • 1 Hand Ninja
  • 1 Centipede Soldier

- both of the teams have standard gear

- Morals Off / Going all out and perfect teamwork for MCU Fodders .

-In character for MCU Captain America

- Battle takes place in a local junkyard from real life.

-starts 30 meters apart


Fox's Wolverine,MCU Winter Soldier,MCU Black Panther and Movie's blade will help cap out.

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Cap gets demolished solo, though the Team wins R2. Case could be made for Panther taking it on his own.

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One hand Ninja solos. Cap has no sword defense feats

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Several fodder solo

I’m fact the only ones he can take are the ones we have seen and even those were PIS

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Doramilaje aren't fodder.

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At least Dark Elf & Asgardian should solo but seeing how Cap can use skill and his shield to beat stronger opponents, I'd be surprised if he loses one on one. However, team still stomps.

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Round one is a mismatch of epic proportions.

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Round 1 Cap gets man handled in a spite.

Cap Team wins Round 2.