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  • Bushmaster has his normal dose of Nightshade
  • The Beast personality is in complete control
  • Bloodlust on
  • The fight takes place in an empty Harlem's Paradise

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Bushmaster is a trained martial artist, so he probably has much greater maneuverability than the Beast. However, the Beast does have some pretty good strength and durability feats under his belt. I would wonder if the Nightshade enhancement does let Bushmaster overpower the Beast though. That said, the Beast is much more ferocious and bestial and more likely to want to punch in Bushmaster's face. Very tough to decide for me.

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I'd say BM has better H2h skills but The Beast is more agile, manoeuvrable and faster. Stalemate.

Also, great matchup!

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Beast by a slim margin due to agility, strength, and unpredictability.

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Bushmaster . . the Beast will definitely feel Bushmaster's hit granted that Luke did and we all know how tanky Luke is

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John folds him in half

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Bushmaster is essentially a skilled version of The Beast, so he wins

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@ganon15: Possibly, but I think it's predicated on Bushmaster not getting hit. Bushmaster is likely faster and more maneuverable, but I think the Beast has a higher pain threshold, is more feral in behavioral terms, and probably can hit harder. He's also probably going to want to kill Bushmaster more than Bushmaster might want to kill him. That could even out any advantage Bushmaster might have in martial arts and consuming Nightshade.