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  • Round 1: Everyone is unarmed
  • Round 2: Standard gear for everyone involved (batons for Bobbi, sword and nightstick for the two Fingers)
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Bobbi imo

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Bobbi wins.....then they all play London bridge, the adult version.

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Bobbi wreaks

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Bobbi would win R1 with pretty high difficulty. She wrecks R2 if she wants to, even without guns.

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Morse wrecks

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With Magister gone, I feel that it is my obligation to begin wanking agents, on-paper force, smootheness of choreography, and all that shit since he will no longer be with us. That said, Morse both rounds.

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Bobbi Morse wins.

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Guess I'm the only one who thinks she could have a lot of difficulty with round 2...

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She wins both rounds with high difficulty

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Perhaps I'm wrong but I'm thinking she loses both rounds.

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She has a shot in R1. Gets stomped in 2. Bakuto likely solos.

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Either member of the team could give her a hard time, and possibly beat her. Together this is a huge mismatch.

Thanks for reading,

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Having a hard time seeing her beating both at the same time.

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Murakami solos both round

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Bobbi both rounds decisively

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  1. Team.
  2. Team stomps.
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Marvel has announced a Thor/Loki series, a Falcon/WS series, and a Vision/SW series. They have cancelled the netflix shows, however they have stated that we WILL be seeing more of Daredevil and Kingpin. Meaning he is going to be popping up somewhere in the future shows.

The point Im trying to make here is that it was Disney, not Marvel necessarily that has fought to keep AoS around this whole time, meaning that the plans have probably been in place for AoS to be the tie in point between the movies and the other properties.

So, when we see Avengers Ultimate Alliance Daisy solo the Defenders and/or Piper and Davis smacking around IF and DD, Ima right back here laughng my ass off.

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Bakuto and Murakami were pretty even with Daredevil, and I have Matt as being at least as good as Bobbi. Even if she wins this, she's not stomping anything

If she's gonna win something, it'd be round 1. On paper, I don't think she would win, but feats wise, Bakuto doesn't have a ton to contribute without a sword.

Round 2, she's not as evasive as Matt, nor does she have his armor. While her batons will help with damage output to actually put the team down, I think that's outweighed by Bakuto and Murakami's weapons (Murakami's tonfa does have a sharp edge for slashing or stabbing)

I don't see either of them soloing, but I do see the team winning at least round 2

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With Bobbi's insane speed there's no way they're tagging her