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@jashugan said:


no skill feats, huh?

Of course.

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If you think a fight scene like this is remotely skillful, you are out of your mind. Imagine being in a real fight against a woman and she flips around trying to kick you or you let her slide on the floor in between your legs and hit you on your balls, then you are not a man nor a decent fighter at all.

Imagine four guys taking on one woman and they each take turns hitting her instead of dogpilling/jumping her like real people do. These guys superior to her physically still fail to hit her and get easily taken down by her because it's standard movie fighting scenes where things are made to look acrobatic and flashy and not make sense.

Blacc Widow has no skill, she's a thot.

I wonder who Diana has outskilled who she didn’t hold a massive stat advantage over and without gear.

Stupid questions and strawman. It would be like asking real soldiers and warriors who they've beat without using a gun or any weapon that they we're trained to use to fight. You don't use your brain at all.

she is badass . yeah widow stomps

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@phoenixdiamond616 said:

Maybe they'd tried to jump her, but Nat is just fast and strong enough to harm three while the other one tries to punch her... anyways, it's a movie in a Universe where humans can breathe in outter space, it doesn't have to make sense...

That explains why MCU made billions.I guess you are fine with Hulk getting rekt by Thanos but still Spiderman being able to stagger Thanos.

Even if it is a movie and where "humans" can breathe in outher space it still has to make sense with it's own and basic common sense.

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Black Widow all rounds.

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Wonder Woman all rounds.

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Rounds 1 & 2: Black Widow

Round 3: WW