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Black Widow and Hawkeye
Black Widow and Hawkeye
Punisher and Daredevil
Punisher and Daredevil


  • Strictly H2H
  • In-Character
  • Random Encounter
  • Win by KO or Death
  • Who Wins and Why?


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Team 2 , for large majority.

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Widow and Hawkeye.


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@oreoghoul: Matt is comfortably the most skilled fighter here, by a large margin, he can beat either of them long before one of them beats Castle, which isnt easy given that he has too much damage soak for them to put him down via physical force.

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Frank's a weak link, Matt isn't beating Natasha and Clint at once

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Widow beats Matt in a fight for her life while Clint only beats Frank because of his performance against Widow

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@king-ragnar: Matt isn't more skilled than Widow at all. He's a brawler and nothing more.

OT: Widow and Hawkeye. Widow has some damn good striking feats for someone her size. She has great combat speed as well and the fact Hawkeye can keep with her is also a good feat for him.

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Matt is such a brawler, he can't possibly compete with Nat and her 1 feat against anyone of note. Matt would be especially susceptible to her sprinting - the way she was running for her life against Buck is incomparable, she'd probably BFR herself out of the fight and leave Clint for a 2v1.