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  1. DCAU Green Arrow
  2. DCAU Black Canary
  3. DCAU Shining Knight
  4. DCAU Batman
  5. The Batman
  6. Teen Titans Robin
  7. Teen Titans Slade
  8. DCAU Vixen
  9. DCAU Hawkgirl
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Probs doesn’t get past 4? I’m don’t know a lot about DCAU chars so it’s hard to say.

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T'Challa trashes them

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I think he stops at 4, but if he gets past him, he definitely stops at 8.

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The Batman shouldn't be above Robin, Slade, Vixen and Hawkgirl.

Could stop at 4,Dcau Batman is inconsistent, if not, then get stomps at 5.

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Uhhh he clears lol

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Teen Titans Slade was something else.

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Black canary stomps the shit out of him

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Clears. Which is unusual for me to say live action against animated...especially DCAU animated.

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Stops at 4.

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Why is the Batman so high? TT Robin and Slade are above him, tbh.

OT: Stops somewhere at 7-8.

Edit: Stops at 8-9 due to readjustment.

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@ganon15: What are the Batman’s feats that put him on top of this gauntlet?

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The Batman shouldn’t be that high, certainly not above Hawkgirl who should be last.

OT: Not too many ppl here can bypass his suit even if they are faster and more skilled. The kinetic burst definitely will knock most guys here off their feet or at least throw them off balance. His vibrainum claws shouldn’t have any problem cutting most ppl here. He could potentially clear but I don’t really see him taking a solid majority against Hawkgirl.

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The order has been adjusted

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CW BP would most likely stop 4.

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I feel like DCAU Batman is too low. He should stop there regardless.

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I thought sonics were effective against MCU Vibranium? If so, I don't see how he gets past Black Canary.

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He doesn't even come close to clearing. Stops at 4 or 5.

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Probably stops at 8 DEFINITELY stops at 9

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Could stop at 2, doesn't make it past 4.

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Batman takes him down with gear

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Stops at 4. Batman was broken in the DCAU.

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