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Cap has Shield and Gun. BP has Suit, Claws, and little balls he used, Spidey has Tony Suit.

Current Deathstroke (No temp super power ups) has dual hand guns, few Frag Grenades, Blast Staff, Promethium armor, and dual Promethium swords.

Death or KO.

Slade has some knowledge of the team via IW movie which he saw in theaters. Team have some knowledge of Slade through his N52 comic run.

Start 10 feet apart.

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Slade cuts there heads off before they realize what's going on.

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Slade wrecks them. T'challa's suit will cause issues but he could just snap his neck. Other than that he beats/cuts them down without too much trouble.

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Slade guns down Cap and Spidey, and then dismembers Panther for good measure.

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Slade handily

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Slade takes this with ease, mismatch.