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Straight up fight

  • No prior knowledge or prep
  • In character
  • Standard gear
  • Win by any means except BFR
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Scenario 2:

Mcu Defenders (Daredevil, JJ, Luke cage and Iron Fist) help Volstagg

BP and Drax help team Cap

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You said "In character".

Volstagg is f**ked.

He was more interested in eating and drinking than fighting in the movies.

Giving him the MCU characters you did... Drax & BP are >/= Luke Cage>/= Iron Fist > Jessica Jones >> Daredevil.

You must HATE Volstagg, huh?


Given a morals off and/or blood-lusted Round... Volstagg steam rolls both of them in R1.

Volstaag's Team would also win in R2.

Asgardians >/= Drax >/= Luke Cage > the rest.

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Volstag. Earth materials are incapable of hurting Asgardians per AoS. He should be physically too much for them put down. Though that's not to say they bounce him around for a while.