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Posted by skywalker95 (2594 posts) 2 months, 13 days ago

Poll: MCU Base Thanos vs Man of Steel Superman (28 votes)

Thanos 43%
Superman 57%

No gems for Thanos, MOS Feats only for Clark

Battle in Metropolis

Morals off, Bloodlusted, no bfr

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#1 Posted by Veravin (1079 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos dies horribly

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#2 Posted by jashugan (5994 posts) - - Show Bio

Still superman

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#3 Posted by Batman242 (11164 posts) - - Show Bio
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Clark stomps him.

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#4 Edited by deltahuman (4713 posts) - - Show Bio

Clark snaps his neck, throws him into space or Heat Visions him into Slag.

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#5 Posted by RBT (25017 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos. But close.

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#7 Posted by Helloman (22478 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman wins.

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#8 Posted by Gamer-Guy (3354 posts) - - Show Bio

thanos schools him MMA style

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I'm thinking could go either way.

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Superman in a hard fight. he has some obvious advantage like flight and speed

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Superman beats the living crap out of Thanos. The people who say Thanos would win are the same kids who think that Thanos can beat Ronan with the power gem. It's just not happening. He's a cool villain and all but he is nowhere near as strong as people would like him to be. The guy pretty much lost to the weaker half of the super heroes on Titan with 4 infinity stones, not only that, the stone that Dr Strange had was not even used.

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Still Thanos....Iron Man is above MOS Superman...

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Thanos, MOS Supes is to inexperienced.