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As they are both arena fighters, I thought this would be fitting...

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Jason Voorhees has all MK feats / is composite comics, so all zombie, deadite, etc feats including Jason X feats are applicable.

Jason has a indestructible machete.

Jason is fighting to win and is not holding back, he is going full out right off the bat.

Jason is bloodlusted.

Win by death.

Morals completely off. ( this is a given)

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(Do note in the picture, this is Worldbreaker Hulk, but I couldn't find a image of Hulk when he was on the Planet Skaar after the Illuminati exiled him)

The Hulk:

He has feats from Planet Hulk and only Planet Hulk. (both the comic strip and the animated movie)

The Hulk is in-character.

Morals off.

Hulk is bloodlusted.

Win by death.

LOCATION: Icecrown, surrounded by a army of 50,000 scourge soldiers.

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Who wins?

Also I thought this fight would be interesting as both Jason Voorhees and the Green Scar Hulk fight mostly out of revenge (albeit for very different purposes), in MK Jason is (I think a arena fighter) not sure about the lore of mortal kombat but as far as I remember it's a practical arena), plus Jason in MK has atleast fought gods, demigods, cyborgs and is consistently fighting superhumans. plus the Hulk is no pushover himself.

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hulk stomps

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If anything Jason survives due to hf... But he only survives and I don't know the limit of his hf, but he can't actually hurt hulk, so stalemate at best for Jason, at worse he gets dusted into mush.

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Jason stomps.

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This isn't even remotely fair for Jason.

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But how or what is Jason going to do to the Hulk. Like really come on.