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Vertigo (Sandman) Odin vs Marvel Odin

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Marvel Odin fights his counterpart in DC/Vertigo Comics Sandman.

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@sungsam: I don't think DC Odin and vertigo Odin are same

Even then what are vertigo's Odin's feats ?

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Vertigo Odin's best feat was creating an Artificial Universe which is where the ENTIRE story of the Last Days of The Justice Society comic took place in. He is Universe level by creating that Universe, the problem is that I don't know how he did it, or if he has combat feats. Or durability feats. Or if he is capable of applying Universe level power as an attack.

I thought that Vertigo Odin's lack of serious combat feats would even out with Odin's lack of attack potency at that Universe level since Odin has a lot of Herald stuff. So it balances out.

Here is the scan. He shows up to Dream and offers him the Universe/Dimension he created.

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It's also worth noting that Vertigo Odin is a non-physical being, a non-corporeal being made of the thoughts of the people who worship him.


Yeah, DC Odin and Vertigo Odin are not the same in the same sense that the Lucifer that Etrigan served in the N52 Demon Knights flasbacks is not the same character as Lucifer Morningstar from Vertigo.

I always say that DC and Vertigo's lore consistency separates from one another, then occasionally bounces back (like Dark Knights Metal) then pretends the other doesn't exist anymore again.

@bdelloidgrain2@rijehu@wollfmyth You three guys are fellow Sandman Pros. So you might be interested.

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@sungsam: thanks for the information

Also indeed DC and vertigo are meant to be to different universes

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@sungsam Thanks for the callout. I did a bit of research to see what I could find regarding Vertigo Odin. Unfortunately, not much. I think this one is going to have to be an undecided match simply due to lack of feats. I remember this scan from when I read the Sandman series, but I don't remember seeing him after.

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Vertigo Odin should win this, imo.

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I'm backing Vertigo Odin, tbh.

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Does Marvel Odin have universal range? I know by feats alone, he should win since Vertigo Odin is basically featless, but then again, Vertigo pantheons do seem to be way more abstract than Marvel and apparently operate higher on the Spectrum...IDK