Marvel Movie Team Vs DC Movie Team

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Marvel Team

  1. MCU Iron Man
  2. MCU Captain America
  3. MCU Thor
  4. MCU Hulk
  5. MCU Vision
  6. MCU Captain Marvel
  7. MCU Dr.Strange
  8. Fox Quicksilver

DC Team

  1. DCEU Superman
  2. DCEU Batman
  3. DCEU Wonder Woman
  4. DCEU Aquaman
  5. DCEU Flash
  6. DCEU Shazam
  7. DCEU El Diablo
  8. Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern

Round 1

  • Iron Man has his armor from the Battle of New York
  • Pre Ragnarok Thor has Mjolnir
  • Dr.Strange does not have the Time Stone
  • Aquaman has his uniform and gear from Justice League

Round 2

  • Iron Man has his Infinity War Armor
  • Post Ragnarok Thor has Stormbreaker
  • Dr.Strange has Time Stone
  • Aquaman has his uniform and gear from Aquaman
  • Batman has his armor from Batman Vs Superman
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R1 Dceu can stomp but Fox Pietro can make marvel team victory. Only live action heroes who can tag Pietro are CW Martian ( possibly as he could see them in elseworlds ), Supergirl and by logic her doppelganger from Earth x, CW Flash and likely DCEU Superman too ( but only tag ). If we give them MCU one dceu curbs otherwise stalemate

R2: Marvel team wins 8/10

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Round 1 - DC stomps.

Round 2 - 50/50. Maybe DC wins slightly.