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Battle take place in Orbit near Jupiter. Who wins and why?

Pre 52 Man hunter

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his only chance is tp and I don't know how stardust reacts to tp

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Stardust would kill him.

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Stardust wins. I believe that Star Dust is stronger than Beta Ray, as Ray needed a buff in order to be effective against Asteros, while Stardust didn't get any amp I recall (name might be wrong there, sorry).

Beta Ray Bill = Thor
Thor = Superman
Superman = Manhunter
Beta Ray = Manhunter

Amped up
Beta Ray Bill = Stardust
Regular Beta Ray < Stardust
Regular Beta Ray = Manhunter
Manhunter < Stardust.

I understand that most of these ='s are debatable, however they are all relatively close in power; with the only truly significant difference being their different sets. Law of Syllogism ftw.

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Stardust i think.

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Easily Martian Manhunter

WWE Stardust have no chance against Martian Manhunter

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Star Dust is definitely more powerful but MMH wins via telepathy.

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Star Dust is definitely more powerful but MMH wins via telepathy.

Yea this. Although if other heralds are anything to go off, MMH probably can't diddle with Stardust's mind.