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  • Manga/Anime knowledge
  • In character


  1. Obito (1 MS)
  2. Pein
  3. Itachi
  4. Sasori
  5. Deidara
  6. Orochimaru
  7. Kakuzu
  8. Hidan
  9. Konan


  • No Kyuubi for Madara


  • Madara get's Kyuubi
  • A full recovered Nagato replaces the Pein formation
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Madara and Hashi win

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Either could solo.

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The Duo easily, the only problem is Obito's Intangibility.

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Madara/Hashirama rather easily.

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Team with little issue, though if Itachi went full Sussano quick it might be interesting for a bit.

Adding Kyuubi is a murder stomp after that.

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The biggest problem would be obito and Itachi. Obito’s intangibility is kinda of problem and itachi’s genjutsu is a problem with Tsukuyomi but some things I wanna say the Yata Mirror doesn’t cover the entire sussanoo, I think Totsuka blade has to pierce for the sealing to work, and the finger thing was performed by the guy who was copying Itachi’s look if I’m right. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Remember Madara vs the Five Kage? Yeah well this is that but a hundred times worse because he has Hashirama with him.

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If Madara could take the 5 kage easily, and if each akatsuki member is around kage level, then Madara could take at least 5 members on, except maybe a team of 5 that has Pain and Obito on it, but Hashirama is even better than Madara, so he would easily take on the rest.

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@fullmetalemprah: in round two he has the full nine tails as well... a hundred times worse is a understatement if anything.

Round one is a stomp, round two is just sad.

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Don't give Madara kyuubi and the second round is interesting with nagato as he is quite powerful. They would still lose but it would be closer without kyuubi.

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I honestly feel we never got a proper look at Nagato's prowess with the rinnegan. I don't believe he's too far below Madara in power.

Alas, the God of ninja and his best friend wreck house.

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Duo wins

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Madara and Hashirama stomp.

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Either solo and both of them together completely stomps lol

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Even Kisame probably isn't fast enough to keep up with Madara. Madara is definitely much faster than Pain and the others. With knowledge Madara does a full stomp.

Without then MAYBE Hidan gets insanely lucky before he gets torn in half.

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The God of Shinobi and Legendary Uchiha wins

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I think people are underestimating nagato here, he is by far d most powerful. D dude was toying with d eight tails and naruto with out even trying, now am not saying he beats any am just saying with him and obito and itachi common its a fight, personally I put a full power nagato on hasi and madara level,

R2:kuybi makes no diff,nagato has d powerset to take him out, either with Almighty push or simply uses gedo mazo

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Nagato and Obito can be a problem and have a small chance to kill Madara or Hashirama. But Duo should win 7/10 times.

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@el-kun: Nagato can’t take the nine-tails because the gedo mazo can be pushed back and is still a physical thing that’s kinda slow and the nine tails is more powerful then all the other tailed beast combined except for maybe gyuuki but he isn’t as impressive as Kurama. Kurama makes a huge difference since by your words he has to use all mighty push to defeat kurama, even though it actually won’t, but the almighty push A: Kills almost everybody on his team B: Can’t kill anybody on the other team and C: Makes nagato exhausted and useless for the fight

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@kidolio: a fully powered Almighty push will cause problem to anyone on the team, and I think u forgetting dat nagato can also absorb any ninjustu, from d team which wil force d team to go h2h and we all know any with d rineengan is nearly unbeatable in h2h , and has renin rebirth, which means he can come back at near death,, and ur forgetting a healthy itachi is almost on par with minato and he alone can take any on dis team , with obito, I still think hasi and madara wins, but dey will work d hell for it