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-Morals on. 
-Random encounter. 
-H2H combat only. No webs.
-Mace Windu can only use the Force for Force Speed, Force Jump, and to enhance physical attributes. No TK. 
-Fight takes place on Dantooine. 

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does mace get his lightsaber? If so its an easy win, if not he will struggle but prevail

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I think this fight, or one like it, is important for how we deal with force-users' physical enhancements on comicvine--exactly how good are they?
So often when force-users get to enhance their abilities, everyone spends pages upon pages arguing about exactly how much they are really enhanced.  People throw out a lot of stuff about being able to perceive things faster than lightspeed, which has nothing to do with how fast they can act.  They move so fast their lightsabers are a blur, which honestly I don't think would take much, or they themselves are a blur, which is more impressive.  But how do these feats compare to comic heroes'?  Are they at, say, Deathstroke level? Spider-Man level?  Quicksilver level?  Flash level?
I think this is a good test case against Spider-Man in terms of all the fight conditions, which are very carefully set up.  I'm assuming no lightsaber, just because it extends his reach a lot and is an almost-instant-killer if it hits,  Spider-Man does have a strength advantage, which is also pretty much an instant KO, but provides no extra reach, and I think Mace can enhance his hitting power through the force (as he does against the robots in the video), so they're sort of equal there.
Spidey has his spidey-sense, but let's assume Mace can also use his force for precog.  So in most conditions, they're as equal as they 're gonna get.
I also like having this specific video here--some clear physical feats to judge.  Based on that, I think Mace is at least as fast as Spidey (see the part where he runs) and can jump far farther (see the last shot, and also when he jumps over that sand wave).  Spidey may be more agile, in terms of ability to jump around in a controlled and subtle manner, but that's pretty debatable; I'd say they seem about the same there.
So at least based on this, I think Mace's physical stats are enhanced farther than Spidey's.  I think Spidey's spider-sense may be better than Mace's precog in terms of helping out right in the heat of battle, but given Mace's greater fighting skills (even with Spider-fu), I think Mace wins after a pretty good fight.
On the other hand, if we give Mace his saber, but take away any precog abilities he may have, it is a little different.  Spidey would probably be able to dodge/evade Mace's blows successfully just by staying far enough away, but wouldn't be able to get close enough to hit him himself.  Eventually Mace would probably get a lucky hit.

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Mace has an edge in this, probably 8/10. Webs and lightsaber would probably be a more even match

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I think Mace will win, 6/10

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Mace destroys spider-b**ch