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Round 1: Random encounter both sides have no knowledge on eachother

Round 2: Tobias has Knowledge on Cage

Round 3: Knowledge on Both Sides

Round 4: Tobias brings Painkiller

All rounds are battles to the death.

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R1- Team. Syonide could do what she did with Thunder. If she does that it will be a tie but if Tobias comes in and helps they could tire him out and take him that way. Team wins due to skill.

R2-Same as R1

R3-Team still wins but Cage will make it a harder fight.

R4- Team easily. Khalil is just another person for Cage to deal with. Khalil strength is good. He might not be able to put a needle in him but he still makes it a easier win.

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Syonide was only able to hurt Thunder because Thunder relaxed her powers (and Syonide was paying attention to her breathing). Luke's powers are always active, so he's not going to give them that opening. He's just always going to be too durable for them to legitimately hurt

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@arcus1: Syonide may not be able to hurt him but she can tire him out. Thunder only hurt her because of claps and stomps. Which means Cage has to punch her and we seen her get up from the claps and stomps so she may be able to get up from a punch from him. So basically Syonide skill will allow them this win.

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Luke sweeps.

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Luke wins all rounds.

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They can’t hurt Luke

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Luke will land punches, and from then it's only a matter of time.

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Luke stomps.

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Luke all rounds. They can’t hurt him.

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Cage every time

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Cyanide And Painkiller are just two obstacles that Luke will deal after that he’ll knock Tobias’s teeth out

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Still Luke but it’s closer imo.