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No MCU/DCEU/Sony/etc. gang gang.

1. Gabriel Yulaw (The One).

2. The Twins (Matrix).

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@doofasa: Holy shit...did you just use "beyond liberal" as a euphemism for really effing dumb?!! Because that is great. Please tell me that this is like a thing now.


If you were simply referring to the liberal use of the term "street level" however, that makes me sad.

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Thunderbird from The Gifted to sense them so they won't get the drop on me

Lucio from AOS to paralyze them

MCU Ghost to kill them while they are immobilized

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@paytience: haha sorry to make you sad but I was referring to the liberal use of the term "street level."

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Green Arrow, Iron Fist, and Blade

At a range Oliver can at least take out Bushmaster and hopefully do some damage to the other two once before get close. Danny can take out Luke with a single chi-punch, which he's done at least twice that I can remember. Blade should be able to at least distract Black Panther long enough until Ollie and Danny can help him triple team the last surviving attacker.

Green Arrow is technically a magic user and therefore not allowed.