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Luke Cage and Iron Fist vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle thread


  • Battle takes place in an open and unpopulated area in the city in a location giving neither team an advantage over the other.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all have adamantium weapons.
  • Morals on with each side going at their best.
  • Random encounter.
  • Each contestant is at his/her best condition.
  • Fight to the death.

Fight! :D

p0st by,

Master M0r0n

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1. isnt adamantium really heavy putting turtles at a disadvantage

2. adamantium wont help mikey and donny. iron fist and luke would punch through their weapons and shells since they would not know how hard his fists are. and they might do the same to leo and raph if they find an opening in defense.

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I think Iron Fist can win this fight without Luke Cage. I do not think Iron Fist will kill someone in-character. Has Iron Fist killed someone before?

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@avenging_knight: Danny kills whenever he thinks it's necessary, it's not necessarily his first resort but if he feels he had to he won't lose any sleep over it. Example, a robber he won't kil, but a fight with a Hydra soldier goes like this. "Hail Hyd-urk." Then Danny goes.about his business as if nothing happened.

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@avenging_knight: From what I've seen of the turtles Danny is both faster and more skilled. iirc splinter is skilled enough to embarrass all four of them simultaneously, and I'd put Danny a notch above splinter in terms of raw skill. That combined with the chi of Shou Lou amping his speed strikes he could conceivably solo imo. And even if he doesn't he's definitely going to take two of them down before the others take down Luke so either way the heroes for hire win imo.

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@paragonnate: Splinter could not take all four of them anymore. That happened so long ago now. Leo would take him one on one at this point.

The turtles do lose though, but it's because their morals are on. Adamantium weapons won't help if they aren't going to kill with them, and even with their superhuman strength, it's still a good 50 tons away from KO'ing Luke Cage. With morals off, Luke would be screwed. Of course Danny could one shot all of them if he is being written like he has been in his most recent series either way though, so it doesn't really matter. Classic Danny would go down though, as he wasn't as big with the massive AOE attacks from the get go like he is now.

Dannys also not quite a notch above splinter in pure skill like you say. In power, yes, but not skill. I'd actually say that splinter consistently displays more raw skill, while Danny uses more superhero stuff like raw physicals and chi blasts.

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Team 1 but a crossover needs to happen.

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@tparks: Figured that they had gotten better since then, but like I said that was based on what I know atm which isn't as much as I would like to be honest.

Classic Danny still bullet timed casually and had incredible striking power so I wouldn't sell him short. Also if it was morals off Danny would be even more dangerous and even though the turtles would take Luke down, Danny would make them pay. A moral less Danny is a very scary thing.

In terms of skill I'd say Danny is at minimum splinter level, people often downplay his skill due to the chi amping him despite the fact that he only recently began tossing it around willy nilly. I would also ask what has splinter done that makes you so sure he's Danny's superior?