Luffy vs Toshiro

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•Luffy(Big Mom arc)

•Toshiro(TYBW arc)

•In Character but Serious

•Luffy starts In 2nd Gear

•Toshiro starts In Shikai

•Location: Snowfield

•Starting Distance: 60ft

•No Knowledge/Prep

•Canon Feats Only

•Toshiro is Visible

•Win by K.O or Death

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Assuming Toshiro is on the same tier as Aokiji with Bankai, it wouldn't end well for Luffy, I'll tell you that.

Hitsugaya would win this in a landslide, but not without having to deal with Luffy's Haki, Gear 4 and Speed (Not so much), Gear 4 would definitely be a problem if Luffy manages to attack, Hitsugaya had a long history of running in headstrong at times and can lose his cool, which lead him to be pwned multiple times in continuity due to his CIS.

Then again, you just took this battle to the snowfield, this basically in Hitsugaya's realm now. It would mean no matter where Luffy would stand he's pretty much a target. It would pretty much end in a flash freeze, unfortunately. Hitsugaya's Shikai would be even stronger in cold, snowing environment he would have a large amp in this regard. Adult Hitsugaya would curb this, but kid Hitsugaya with Bankai is more than enough.

I would like to add that if Luffy gets to close when he releases his spiritual pressure, Luffy is gonna freeze even without the Adult form. This isn't needed in this situation unless Luffy goes into gear 4. But Hitsugaya might just use his defensive Ice barrier to block most of his barrage despite the rapid speed. Luffy will have to keep his distance away from him to actually keep an advantage, but this will be hard in a snowfield. We've already seen what Aokiji can do to Luffy and it shows that Luffy had a rough time against him, he's nowhere near admiral level yet. Hyoten Hyakkaso might be the ace card, and I do recall he can make ice clones. Let's not forget he can pretty much turn the battlefield into an ice trap. Luffy will have to be staying in the air, basically, Battlefield control would be his key to victory, this would, in turn, give him more time to go into his Bankai. The battle progressively gets harder for Luffy, as he struggled against Katakuri's mochi mochi's AOE as well. Luffy will get overwhelmed unless he's completely aware of what Toshiro can do, Both are battle genius, but Toshiro is more clever, both have good skillsets, but Toshiro is more versatile with his kido, shunpo, and shikai, He has more utility.

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Toshiro, easily.

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Unless he starts in adult, Toshiro can't take a single punch from Luffy.

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Yeah unless Toshiro starts in Adult form he gets stomped.

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Luffy becomes a popsicle at the start

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Toshiro should win quite easily, can counter luffy for some seconds while he wait his adult form and then he freezes him, and if he can't,i don't think toshiro will die at first punch

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@skysanji said:

Yeah unless Toshiro starts in Adult form he gets stomped.

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Luffy ragdolls with Toshiro starting in Shikai.

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tosh stomps luffy.

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Luffy destroys tosh

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Toshiro lolstomp.

Toshiro is the perfectcounter to luffy .

Damm , he even can freeze energy .

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@mrviking: in his Adult form, Toshiro won't last until he can transform, not against Luffy.

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Shikai Toshiro is more than enough to kill any luffy.

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@skysanji: Even SS arc Toshiro woud just freeze luffy .

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Toshiro. He's got thousands of years fighting experience and we all know ice a hard counter to rubber.

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Toshiro stomps

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Luffy can’t even tag a Gotei captain or lieutenant. Toshiro stomps/blitz

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I wonder if Luffy goes Gear 4th first or Toshiro goes Adult first.. That may just decide the winner.

With All cards on deck, Toshiro with ease

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